Sarah was raised in Berkeley, CA, where she grew up surrounded by metals, crystals and stones collected from her father’s jewelry business that he started on Telegraph Ave. during the 1960s. Sarah designed her first jewels before she was 10, later journeying into the fashion world and founding a PR agency before coming back to her roots in jewelry. MUSE METALSMITHS was born in the Spring of 2015, combining her father’s expertise and artisanship, with her vision and designs. 


Each piece is handcrafted in the original Berkeley workshop, with its own story to tell. From planet talismans, ear cuffs and hand woven puzzle rings, to astrolabes, sundials and sets of runes, our jewels embody a mystical quality – akin to the goddesses and muses of ancient times. Sarah draws inspiration from ancient texts, astrology, exploration, scientific instruments, her travels to exotic lands, interesting people met along the way, and various cultures. Using gold, silver, brass, pewter and raw leathers and gems, all materials are ethically sourced and we seek to use recycled materials whenever possible.